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Enterprise-Level Digitised Dashboard for Various FMCG Departments
Suitable for: Large Retail Distributors | Retail Stores | Brands
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Seamless Integration
  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Cloud-Based digital platform
  • Automated report generation
  • Data Driven decision making & Real time Data analysis
  • B-ERP is a cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to automate core business functions, increase productivity and optimum use of man, material and money.

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Complete Process of Distribution Management and enterprise resource planning
Suitable for: Kirana stores | Retail Distributors | Wholesalers | Retail Brands
  • Balancing stock levels
  • Real time Inventory monitoring
  • Retailer Inventory Management
  • Distributors stock management
  • Performance Tracker
  • ERP Integrations
  • Sales Team Management
  • Reports & Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • It is a system based software which can be easily integrated with ERP, thereby managing the complete process of distribution management and enterprise resource planning for large scale distributors

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Complete Business Distribution Network made Easily Available
Suitable for:Kirana stores | Retail Distributors | Wholesalers | Retail Brands
  • Mapping Warehouse Locations
  • Item Lot Management
  • Effective Order & Shipment Tracking
  • Effective CRM and Order Management
  • Hassle free management of returned items
  • Inventory set up as serialized and non-serialized
  • It is a Mobile based application for managing the distribution network effectively.

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Our Patented Technology for Cloud based Accounting, Inventory with integrated features of supply channel management, warehouse & Inventory management feature Online and offline Billing.
Digital Assistant for Retail Pricing and Accounts Management
Suitable for: Kirana stores | Retail Distributors | Wholesalers | Retail Brands
  • Shop accounts keeping
  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Receiving Digital payments
  • Data driven decision making
  • Sales report generation
  • Inventory report generation
  • Purchase report generation
  • Digital ledger with Financial reports
  • It is a Computer & Mobile based application for simplifying shop accounts keeping with a help of a digital ledger for keeping tracks of receivables and payables.

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Our Patented Technology for multiple cataloguing with multiple views option for providing real time data with sales management and to minimum to cash cycle across multiple channel.
Virtual Assistant for Retail Sales Automation and Analytics
Suitable for: Retail Distributors | Retail Brands
  • Validation of the actual visit of the Salesman; GPS tracking of Salesforce
  • Effective & Focused Sales team monitoring
  • Quick look and synchronous performance tracking of sales team
  • Dynamic Dashboard for Daily work assignments to Salesforce
  • Order tracking and Return management by monitoring the salesforce movement
  • Increased Performance by assessing the target achievement levels
  • Performance based rating of Salesman
  • Real-Time Data of actual sales
  • B-FORCE is a Field Sales Automation and monitoring software. It was developed specifically for retail sales sector, where a travelling sales force is the major contributor to sales and distribution.

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Our Patented Technology for prepaid cum loyalty platform with unique assistance pattern across channels that can be implemented in cloud environment and also can be customized as per business sector requirement.
Purpose-Built, Omnichannel Loyalty Platform Provider for The FMCG Sector
Suitable for:Large Retail Enterprises
  • Integrated Approach
  • Customer Retention
  • Customisable & Scalable
  • Real-Time Data & Insights
  • B-Loyal is a loyalty program which is customised from the ground up to answer the industry-specific challenges that most retailers face.

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Growing Business and India’s Economy Together
Kirana Stores Use B-POS
Sales Persons Empowered by B-Force
Distributors Manage Sales Using B-Force
Customers' Data Managed On B-Loyal
Our Solutions
Dharti Ka Doctor
Soil Profile Testing, Fertiliser Recommendations, and Ideal Seed Selection. Our patented technology provided Digital agriculture to analyse with unique Fertilizer calculator, provide information about the farmland, suggestion, fertilizer recommendation based on weather, crop selection, cost, water, moisture, season, soil type and agro climate zone.
  • Focussed on Soil Testing, Seed Selection and Fertilizer Calculation Algorithms.
  • Seamlessly Integrating Soil Surveillance Data and fertiliser Recommendations
  • Optimisation of Choicest Seed Selection Through the Integration of Chemical analysis
  • Algorithm Mediated Simulative Suggestions and Real time I.T. Based Solutions
  • Supported on Multiple Devices; Linked With Other Supportive Apps
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Harit Kranti
  • Real-Time Agro-Climatic assistance Providing Application for Enhancing the Agricultural Produce.
  • Detailed reports for the weather analysis, sowing and harvesting time recommendation are ultimately produced for further deducing the probable crop yield.
  • Extreme weather alerts like hailstorm or unseasonal rains
  • Seed harvesting time suggestion
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  • Brings Manufacturers Closer to Seller and Sellers Closer to their Customers.
  • Farmer need to post add for his product by clicking image and inserting some basic information on "Annadata" (Kisan) App.
  • "Annadata" (Kisan) App is in dual language, regional farmer can understand it in easy way. App is purely dedicated for farmer for finding customers for their farm products.
  • Farmer need to post add for his product by clicking image and inserting some basic information on "Annadata" (Kisan) App.
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