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Your entire Distribution Network at your fingertips

It is a Mobile based application for managing the distribution network effectively. Mission is to enable the management of orders from initial acceptance to shipment of a finished good.

B-Distribution Will Set your Business On a Long-Term Success Extensive Reports Generation at Ever Level to get Maximum Output from Data.

Strong Networking
Manage Your Distribution Network Across Stockists, Supersockists, Wholesalers and Distributors
Order Management and Inventory Tracking facility
Schemes and Margins can be Easily Customized.
Detailed Reports
Generate detailed reports on taxes, Income/Expenses, and Much More
Extensive Reports
B-Distribution Will Set your Business On a Long-Term Success Extensive Reports Generation at Ever Level to get Maximum Output from Data.
Real-time Data
Real-Time Data at Management End.

Salient Features & Significant Benefits



  • Placement of an order & its customer profile based verification
  • Payment processing options
  • Warehouse Management, Picking & Packing Warehouse receives the order and picks, packages, and ships the order
  • Automated order confirmation and status notification email
  • Real-Time order tracking information through analytics across multiple sales channels
  • Integrating B-Distribute with Accounting System to directly create invoices from sales orders; and maintain records of billing & payments
Key Features
B-DISRTIBUTE features have no limits!
Enjoy the advantages of unlimited features which B-DISTRIBUTE has to offer you.
Accounts & Inventory
  • Inventory Management
  • Manage and Set up a Single, Multiple Warehouses
  • Inventory Locations
  • Serialized and non-serialized Inventory
  • Lot Management
  • Receiving & Returns
Procure-to-Payment Management
  • Bill of Materials
  • Job-shop, Manufacturing Routings and Tasks
  • Order Tracking place
CRM and Order Management
  • Lead and Sales Opportunity Management
  • Sales ForecastsManage opportunities
  • Shared Sales Team Documents, Calendar, and Tasks
  • Customer Service and Case Management & Email Integration
  • Quotes, Order Entry and Order Management
Returns Management
  • Hassle Free Management of returns/damaged goods
  • Billwise adjustment
  • Manage Marketing Campaign Including Tracking Code Reporting
Key Benefits

Omni Channel

Customers can Engage Using Mobile App, Social Media, Website and on Ground Store

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Higher Levels of Customer Satisfaction as Orders Receipt times are Boosted

Easy Integration

Developer Friendly and easy Integration with B-DISTRIBUTE


Retail Existing Customers

On-Premise Application

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Insights of Distribution Network Management

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