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At a Glance

B-DMS is a patented, cloud based platform with POS which can be easily integrated with ERP, thereby managing the complete process of accounting, distribution management and enterprise resource planning for distributors at any scale.

Automate logistics processes and reduce errors in purchasing, order fulfillment, inventory tracking, salesforce management and customer support with B-DMS.

B-DMS Exclusive Benefits
Increase Supply Chain Efficiency
Demand vs. Supply estimation
Increase Revenue with Field Sales
Reach Customers Directly With E-comm Consumer App
Centralized Customer Database & Loyalty
Schemes & Claims Automation – 100% paperless
Attract New Customers & Measure Performance
Multi-level Aggregation At Fingertips

B-DMS - Exclusive Features

A Solution for Field Sales Team Management

Attendance Management

  • Daily attendance of sales team
  • Leave Management
  • Working Hours tracking


  • Getting payment updates directly on B-DMS portal and if required can be directly synced to B-POS.
  • Tracking total payments collected by the sales team per day

Map tracking

  • Live tacking of employees on map
  • Route travelled history with per day calculation
  • Customer/ Locations visited with real-time geo-tagging


  • Team can register complaint of customer when on the visit
  • Complaints will directly be reflected to the distributor with proper details & will be documented

Expense Management

  • Tracking total expense of the team per day
  • Making payments and maintaining the records of the expense

Target Management

  • Daily work target of the sales team can be set and monitored
  • Both value wise / quantity wise target can be set

B-DMS With Countless Benefits for Distributors

Order Estimations

Creates orders & estimates for customers; shows order status

Digital Payments

Customer’s choice to pay by cash, card, multiple digital wallets, vouchers, or loyalty points.

Real-time Inventory

Know stock in hand at any time. Reduce excess, wastage, overstocking, pilferage or misuse.

Optimize expenses

Maintains records of all business expenses for evaluating feasible areas to spend in

Easy VAT/GST Billing

Send VAT/GST invoice to customers by SMS, Email, WhatsApp based on pre-configured templates.

Salesforce Management

Aids in tracking salesforce & their work performance

Optimum Payments

Manage all suppliers & product costing; Create & track Purchase Orders & Receive inventory automatically through GRN.

Fully Customized

Easy to use interface with need specific scaling options