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Enterprise-Level Digitised Dashboard

B-ERP offers many advantages that enhance daily business efficiency and profit. B-ERP comes with an integrated CRM module to give you an edge in your customer-first approach. It also offers an integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) i.e. the application updates inventory levels inreal-time and updates all channels partners with relevant shipping information.

‘‘B-ERP offers ability to deliver solution for Manufacturing, Trading, Pharma, Services and Agriculture business processes. It is compatible with GST and VAT regulations’’.

Why Choose B-ERP
Easy way to digitize inventory, Accounts, Customer Data and Loyalty Programs, HR, CRM, Sales & Marketing, and More.
Seamless integration
Seamless Integration across all functions.
Analytical Dashboard
Analytics Dashboard to Make Strategic Business Decisions.
Cloud-Based digital platform
Cloud-based Easy to Implement System
Automated report generation
B-ERP Will Set your Business On a Long-Term Success Extensive Reports Generation.
Data driven decision making & Real time Data analysis
Real-Time Data at Management End.

Salient Features & Significance

QR and Bar code generation & Reading - Vendor Portal feature for visibility of complete business details through a bar code based analysis.

Seamless integration with third party applications - DMS, BI Tools etc.

Highly customizable

Suitable for:
Large Retail Distributors|Retail Stores| Brands

B-ERP offers the ability to deliver an integrated suite of business applications which helps end to end processes of finance, HR, Distribution, Manufacturing Service and suppling chain

deployment time - 21 Days
ERP Key Features
ERP features have no limits!
Enjoy the advantages of unlimited features which ERP has to offer you.
Asset Maintenance
  • Inventory & Lot Management
  • Manage and Set up a Single, Multiple Warehouses
  • Inventory Locations
  • Serialized and non-serialized Inventory
  • Shipment Integration
  • Picklist and Package Management
  • Receiving & Returns
Manufacturing Management
  • Bill of Materials
  • Job-shop, Manufacturing Routings and Tasks
  • Production Planning and MRP
  • Production and Job Costing
  • Equipment Billing
  • Raw Material Procurement
  • Manufacturing & Code Reporting
CRM and Order Management
  • Lead and Sales Opportunity
  • Sales Forecasts Manage sales Opportunities
  • Shared Sales Team Documents, Calendar, and Tasks
  • Email Integration & Order Management
  • Customer Service and Case Management
  • Quotes, Order Entry
  • Manage Marketing Campaign Including Tracking Code Reporting
  • Unlimited Stores, Catalogs, Categories
  • Cross-Sell and Upsell Products
  • Supports Physical, Digital, Downloadable, Variant and Configurable Products
  • Gift Certificates and Gift Cards
  • Online Store Promotion Engine
Key Benefits

Increased Efficiency

ERP provides production and shop-floor visibility to the management. Management can save idle time and ensure that employees are at the right place at the right time every time.

Decreased Costs

A well-integrated ERP with well-interwoven business analytics reduce cost by streamlining processes and bringing in visibility at each process level.

Digital Operations

Having every file/document at your fingertips in the system and accessible from every station eliminates the need for printing and wasted papers

Informed and Data-Driven Decisions

Business Analytics on sales, purchase, shop floor, and production data gives management actionable insights in real-time view to make important business decisions.

Better Inventory Management

Assigning a part number or barcode to every component of a finished product and the product itself allows users to see where every piece came from, where it is, and, where it’s needed in real-time.

Order Management

Sales Forecasts Manage sales Opportunities & Shared Sales Team Documents, Calendar, and Tasks