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Virtual Assistant for Retail Sales Automation & Analytics

B-FORCE is a Field Sales Automation and monitoring software. It has been developed specially for retail sales sector, where a traveling sales force is the major contributor to sales and distribution

Why Choose B-Force
Validate the Visit and the Punctuality of the Sales Man.
Real-time Data
Secondary Sales Real-time Data at Management End.
Effectively Sales team Monitoring.
Stock and Brand Visibility per Outlet and the Overall Market.
Paper-Less Work
Removes Manual Data Punching Leading to Less Paper Work.
Retailers/Customer Buying History and the Focused Items of the Area or Outlet.

B-Force - Significant Benefits

B-Force - Salient Features

  • Validation of the actual visit of the Salesman; GPS tracking of Salesforce
  • Performance based rating of Salesman
  • Real-Time Data of actual sales
  • Effective & Focused Sales team monitoring
  • Quick look andsynchronousperformance tracking of sales team
  • Dynamic Dashboard for Daily work assignments to Salesforce
  • Order tracking and Return management by monitoring the salesforce movement
  • Increased Performance by assessing the target achievement levels
Key Features
B-FORCE features have no limits!
Enjoy the advantages of unlimited features which B- Force has to offer you.
Field Staff Management
  • Field Staff Management
  • GPS tracking of ground staff
  • Easy addition and deletion of Sales staff with data handing over
  • Attendance marking
  • Plan your day for maximum productivity by choosing the area, market & beat
Digital Order Management
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Returns Management
  • Take Orders with real-time stocks, offers & focused products
Dynamic Dashboard
  • Actionable Reports and Insights
  • The retailers/ Customers can be evaluated, tracked and managed
  • Measure service levels by measuring report of bills orders, Invoice
Performance Tracking of Sales Team
  • Target setting and Achievement management
  • All levels in sales hierarchy can manage and track the performance of their down the line repartees
Key Benefits

Automated Sales Processes

The order taken through the app can be directly synced to the billing software used for further processing which makes it less manual intervention.

Boosts Productivity

Increased productivity due to efficient tracking of sales process, detailed performance reports and real-time updates.

Improved Engagement Quality

Access to real-time information on stocks, offer & focused products leads to Improved customer engagement.

Cloud based on Premise Solution

Real time data and Analytics for making informed decisions for improved performance in business.